Move is the only action I take; Explore is the only life style I pursue; Change is the only way I am.

Are you in transition, moving to a new town or a foreign country?

Welcome, change and opportunity!

I have followed my husband for 15 years traveling around the world. I experienced first-hand the excitement and desperation of moving locally and internationally. After meeting my husband Bob in Ukraine, I moved with him several times around the globe.

We lived on four continents: Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America. At the moment, we are settling down in a small town in Oregon, USA. We enjoy watching the magnificent sunrises and dramatic sunsets in our new home and continue to discover the new destinations with our son Anton.

I help travelers, expats, and their families to go through relocation, transition and adjustment to a new culture faster and smoothly. I guide and support the world travelers in creating their balanced and fulfilled lives wherever they may be. What a wonderful and exciting life, traveling can bring to us, but relocation and transition times can also be quite challenging. Families navigate through new culture, traditions, language, ways of thinking, cuisine, infrastructure, schools, medical assistance, to make a home away from home.

I help world travelers to enjoy and appreciate their foreign assignments as well as to be able to share their gifts, talents, knowledge, and expertise fully with the people of their host country. This way, I believe, the cultures are connected, and enriched; and peaceful worlds are created.

Life is about freedom and joy and this is what I bring to my work with my clients.

I have created the life of my desires and I teach others to become deliberate creators of theirs.



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