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A Cup of Tea with a First Lady

I came across the video of the American First Lady Melania Trump decorating the White House for Christmas. It sparked a feeling of warmth and brightness of the season. The Christmas trees are gorgeous and the theme this year rang my bell too. “America the Beautiful” – I love it and I also want to celebrate all the diverse and abundant beauty of our land.

Reflecting on Melania and her role in the White House and in the country as the First Lady, I wondered how wonderful it would be to talk to her and to share my stories and experiences of becoming an American.  After all, it is only natural for us to look for a role model and see if there is somebody we can look up to. She has been under my radar for a while and I’d like to know more about her. I’d like to hear her story too.

I think I have a lot in common with Melania.  She might disagree with me and it might be just a fantasy. And that is why I would so much like to have a cup of tea with her and just talk.

I am a Woman too, the same as the First Lady

When I look at Melania, I see a beautiful, smart, and courageous woman. She came from a model world and she is a professional in knowing how to be beautiful. I understand that! But being smart and courageous defines the character and we can also cultivate these traits by choosing to be that way.

I see the example of elegancy and poise, that shows through her public appearances, interactions with people, and speeches she gives. I believe it’s pretty tough to stay calm and composed addressing the audiences that are hostile, judgmental, and plainly mean. In the face of anger and hatred, Melania manages to exude care, compassion, and understanding as a First Lady and as a woman.

The same as the First Lady,  I am an Immigrant too

When I came to the USA from Ukraine I was disillusioned very quickly. Growing up in the Soviet society under the Communist regime, I imagined the USA as an abundant place of opportunity for happiness, freedom, and growth. I want to believe it is still that way. But I have to admit I met a lot of angry, unhappy, and spiritually poor people here too.

I wonder what Melania thinks about notions of struggles, injustice, and equality for all in the USA. For me, it is a matter of perception, because I know how it feels to live in a society where bribing is the way to survive; where an ordinary person’s opinion is non-existent; and where freedom is limited to following the imposed rules without thinking, let alone questioning them.

As an immigrant in the USA, I was also frowned upon for the way I am and ridiculed for the way I speak. Strange as it is, many people in the USA are quite intolerant to immigrants because they do represent a different culture. I realize that it is only natural for people to feel threatened, insecure, or uncomfortable when somebody requires a little more effort to be understood. Or, perhaps, people just choose to be lazy and irritated instead of opening their minds and hearts to understand and accept what is different. It’s that simple.

I’m also curious about how Melania perceives patriotism being an immigrant to this country. For me, it is taking ownership of the place which gives me the means to live, be fulfilled, and stay happy. It is also the desire to defend and protect the values of the society I live in – freedom, independence, life, sovereignty, respect, responsibility. I take pride in what I do and what I create and I believe everyone can choose to be the same.

I am a Mother too, the Same as the First Lady

I’m honored to be a Mother to my 15- year-old son. I think becoming a mother is the most precious gift that I received as a married woman. As a parent, I learn a lot about my ability to listen, love, and be present. It seems to me Melania enjoys being a mother too. I notice the gentle care of her son and recognition of his significance for her.

What is it that helps to create a tight bond between a mother and a son? I wish Melania could share her thinking on this question.

I am the First Lady too in My House

Home for me is where I am the most what I can be. At home, I am just me, the way I feel the most open, sincere, and comfortable. My home is a safe and secure place, where I can create, grow, and evolve as a human being. I feel extremely happy and fortunate to live in a place that I can call my home.

How is it for you, First Lady Melania, to live in the White House? Do you feel at home in a place that has so much history and the energy of predecessors?  How do you feel around people, who are strangers to you, but are required to be around you because of your status as a First Lady? How do you make the White House your home?

Family is My Priority too, the Same as the First Lady

Dedication to connecting with my loved ones is a decision I made long ago. I don’t take relationships for granted especially with my husband and my son. These are the people I share my home with, my whole life with. We established traditions I adhere to religiously. Dinner together every day is one of them. Waffles or pancakes with bacon and eggs on week-ends is another one.

Do you have any family traditions, Melania? How do you maintain loving and open relationships with people who are the most important to you?

These are just a few questions I’d love to ask Melania Trump. I wish I could have a cup of tea with her and talk. There are many things I’d love to ask the First Lady. What does it mean to her being a woman and a mom, creating a home, living in a foreign country, becoming an American? Or just plain little things like what makes us happy getting up in the morning no matter what life circumstances we find ourselves in or which role we have to perform.

My dear reader, let me know in the comments below what you think about having a cup of tea with the First Lady? What makes you happy these days?

As always, remember, life is a journey of joy. Embrace it!

Much love and tight hugs.


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