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  • Profiling and Stereotypes
    Culture and Connection,  Expat Mindset

    Profiling and Stereotypes

    What is culture for expats? World travelers go overseas with a sense of excitement and aspiration for novelty. Only later, when we start building connections with the local culture, we notice how stereotypes don’t work and profiling fails. This causes the feeling of confusion and failure of our expectations.  So, what is it all about? Going overseas, we have an idea about the country we are traveling too. Sometimes we do research and ask those who have already been there, to share their thoughts and give us some tips about what to expect in a new country. We create a certain image of the culture we are going to spend…

  • Lonely Heart
    Expat Mindset,  Traveling,  Well-being

    Loneliness During Holidays

    It’s Christmas season and there is a cheerful buzz coming from everywhere. Stores have been selling Christmas presents, trees, ornaments since October. Christmas music plays everywhere. Cinnamon and nutmeg fragrances remind us about Christmas baking and cooking. People are buying gifts wrapping paper and sending cards, having parties at work. Kids are practicing Christmas songs getting ready for concerts in schools and nurseries. Christmas comes with all kinds of manifestations, which bring joy, cheer, warmth and a sense of belonging. Loneliness During Holidays For many expats, who are away from home, their loved ones and friends, a sense of belonging vanishes. More often we experience loneliness and isolation, especially during…

  • Expat mindset
    Expat Mindset

    Expat Mindset

    Expat thinking wasn’t a norm to me when I first went on an assignment overseas. I didn’t know much about the expats then and I also never even considered myself as an expat. Traveling the world appealed to me and I willingly and happily embarked on this journey of following my husband to different countries for work assignments. I became a trailing wife without even realizing what it would require of me and how it would transform me. Many would see an expat lifestyle as glamorous and exhilarating, and the people, who can afford it, as lucky. All of this is true, but everything has the other side which can’t…

  • Coming home,  Moving,  Parenting

    Empathetic Expat

    Challenging experiences shape world travelers' perspectives and teach them to be empathetic and accepting humans. Traveling with a baby in your arms can be difficult but it is a rewarding endeavor, the one to be cherished forever. These life situations teach us to be resilient, loving and understanding.

  • Creative mind-hand connection
    Work Overseas

    Your Creativity is Your Calling

    Creativity adds a sense of hope and possibility to anything you choose to do. While traveling the world I meet many people who have to do the same thing again and again – pack their stuff, move to the hotel, hop on the airplane, move to the new home and try to settle in just for a while with the vision that in a year or two, they will have to do this all over again. While this lifestyle can be exciting and rejuvenating, eventually you start thinking “Is this what I am going to do forever?” “Does this make me feel happy any more, content, fulfilled?” Living in the…