Coaching for world travelers.

  • Traveling

    Being a Foreigner is a Privilege

    Being a foreigner is a privilege. Why would this thought even come to my mind? Why would this be even significant? How do I benefit from thinking like this? I think everybody who has an opportunity to travel abroad for work, for pleasure, for exploration might consider this: being a foreigner is a privilege. When I talk about the privilege I do not mean entitled, I mean privilege as responsibility, and being humble. First: coming to a new country we automatically become foreigners. Whether we like it or not. We show this by a different set of habits, traditions, perceptions, that we look at the world around us. This can…

  • Well-being

    How does it make you feel?

    I had a coaching session today with a lady from England. We talked about just general stuff and she constantly would ask me “How do you want to feel?” or “How does this make you feel?” I am still learning to think by this “feeling” category. I have learnt to do, act, set goals, meet deadlines, achieve. I did not learn to think about how I feel. I found, that nothing that I achieve, makes me feel good, or it makes me feel good for a little bit and then I have more dead lines to meet and goals to accomplish, which are often not about me feeling good. It…

  • Coaching

    Free Quest Flier

    Now, when I’ve received my Law of Attraction life coach certification, I’ve been thinking: How do I really want to call myself? I know I want to work with world travelers, globe trotters, expatriates – people who move around the globe for work, exploration or other life circumstances. I decided to Google the word “traveler” to look for synonyms and definitions. I am amazed with the abundance of words that describe the act of moving from place to place. Wanderer, voyager, itinerant, caravan, backpacker, pilgrim, bird of passage – whatever word I choose to call myself as a coach – it is going to be about freedom, journey, and discovery.…