• First Lady's choice of Christmas in White House
    Culture and Connection

    A Cup of Tea with a First Lady

    I wish I could have a cup of tea with the First Lady of the USA Melania Trump. These are just a few topics I'd like to talk with her about: what it means for her to be a woman, create a home, be a mom. How does she adjust to living in a foreign country, becoming an American? Or what makes her happy getting up in the morning no matter what life circumstances she finds herself in or which role she has to perform.

  • Profiling and Stereotypes
    Culture and Connection,  Expat Mindset

    Profiling and Stereotypes

    What is culture for expats? World travelers go overseas with a sense of excitement and aspiration for novelty. Only later, when we start building connections with the local culture, we notice how stereotypes don’t work and profiling fails. This causes the feeling of confusion and failure of our expectations.  So, what is it all about? Going overseas, we have an idea about the country we are traveling too. Sometimes we do research and ask those who have already been there, to share their thoughts and give us some tips about what to expect in a new country. We create a certain image of the culture we are going to spend…