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    You’ve Lots of Energy, Honey!

    The science of nutrition is the art of being in control of your health. Everyone wants to be healthy. What does it mean? For me, it is getting up in the morning and being able to enjoy my day, feeling light, inspired, and full of energy. Yesterday, during one of my runs, I saw an old lady who came to visit her grandchildren. She’d just parked her car and was hauling the packages into the house. I waved “Hello” to her while pulling my stubborn dog to make him run ahead of me. The woman waved back, replying “You’ve lots of energy, honey!!!!” The Energy to Live I didn’t think…

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    Courage to Reach Out

    Last week was very stressful for me. My husband had surgery. I dropped him at the hospital and had to leave. I’m still feeling pain thinking about that day and how everything that was happening affected me. I’m grateful I had support. To tell the truth, I didn’t even think I had it, but at the times like this, it’s better to find the strength and courage to look for support. Reach Out So, what I am telling you, is: First – I’m here for you. Reach out to me and let me know what is happening in your life. Second – Take care of yourself. Have the tools ready…

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    Dare To Be Different

    She will not understand me being different, and I do not care any more. I know it is confusing for her to see me and not understand, what is it about me that makes her unsettled. I am not a billionaire, yet I feel like I am. I do not complain about my pains, yet I have stories to share. I do not speak her language, yet I understand what she is saying. I do not attend church, yet I am spiritual. I am fortunate, yet I am not afraid to claim for more. I am part of them, yet I do not meet their expectations. I am successful, yet…