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    Empathetic Expat

    Challenging experiences shape world travelers' perspectives and teach them to be empathetic and accepting humans. Traveling with a baby in your arms can be difficult but it is a rewarding endeavor, the one to be cherished forever. These life situations teach us to be resilient, loving and understanding.

  • Moving

    Move: OMG or WOW!

    I received a Marco Polo video today from my girlfriend with the “great news” as she stated. “We have to move” she announced with a sad expression on her face. And immediately after that, she noticed: “It is not something, that we cannot deal with.” Sure, we can deal with anything in our lives. The question is how much agony and frustration or peace, composure, and ease we put into the process. Move can turn into a drama, but it can be an exciting time also. So, what would we prefer to choose: drama or excitement? Any change is scary. We are afraid of unknown and we start to create that…