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    Home for a Change

    Alla took a long awaiting trip to Minsk the capital of Belarus last month. It was an exciting full of novelty and learning opportunity. She joined a group of other like-minded women, jumped on a long-haul express tour bus, and off they went – to a foreign country for a celebration of the 25th anniversary of Nature Sunshine products on the post-Soviet market. What a delicious treat!!!!! New city, happy people, intricately decorated dishes, inspiring music, wild dancing, lights and lots of cheer and sparkle. Two days of joy and delight! She came back home to Ukraine and her life felt upside down. Everything around her seemed wrong. She shared…

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    Being a Foreigner is a Privilege

    Being a foreigner is a privilege. Why would this thought even come to my mind? Why would this be even significant? How do I benefit from thinking like this? I think everybody who has an opportunity to travel abroad for work, for pleasure, for exploration might consider this: being a foreigner is a privilege. When I talk about privilege I do not mean entitled, I mean privilege as responsibility, and being humble. First: coming to a new country we have to remember that we are a different set of habits, traditions, perceptions. This can certainly create some particularities in different situations. It is about how we handle them. Having lived…