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    Loneliness During Holidays

    It’s Christmas season and there is a cheerful buzz coming from everywhere. Stores have been selling Christmas presents, trees, ornaments since October. Christmas music plays everywhere. Cinnamon and nutmeg fragrances remind us about Christmas baking and cooking. People are buying gifts wrapping paper and sending cards, having parties at work. Kids are practicing Christmas songs getting ready for concerts in schools and nurseries. Christmas comes with all kinds of manifestations, which bring joy, cheer, warmth and a sense of belonging. Loneliness During Holidays For many expats, who are away from home, their loved ones and friends, a sense of belonging vanishes. More often we experience loneliness and isolation, especially during…

  • Carved Stone Wall
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    Home for a Change

    Alla took a long awaiting trip to Minsk the capital of Belarus last month. It was an exciting full of novelty and learning opportunity. She joined a group of other like-minded women, jumped on a long-haul express tour bus, and off they went – to a foreign country for a celebration of the 25th anniversary of Nature Sunshine products on the post-Soviet market. What a delicious treat!!!!! New city, happy people, intricately decorated dishes, inspiring music, wild dancing, lights and lots of cheer and sparkle. Two days of joy and delight! She came back home to Ukraine and her life felt upside down. Everything around her seemed wrong. She shared…

  • Head on Fire beginning of the school year
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    I Dreaded the Start of the School Year

    I dreaded the beginning of the new school year. Making a small goal to stay aligned and connected the first morning helps change the perception. The motivation is the loved ones. I wanted my son and my husband to start off the right note so I took care of myself first by taking one step at a time with one small goal in mind.

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    Deer In My Way

    Baby deer came to see me today. It was a young fawn exploring the neighbourhood and I had a privilege to watch him very closely while doing my morning jogging. I saw the spots and admired his gentle beauty. What an encounter. Such a treat!

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    64 oz of Water

    Hey, how much water do you drink during your normal day? Or maybe, I should ask do you drink water at all? I mean do you drink plain real water – the water without colours, sweeteners, flavors.  How weird it is, right? “Of course, I drink water” – some would answer. “What a stupid question!!!!” “Why are you asking this question? I drink water when I am thirsty”. Others would respond. Well, the thing is I just watched a video about 30-day water challenge and it inspired me to think about water again. I do know that our bodies are composed of 95% water. I do know that water is…

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    Well-being In Transition

    During the transition time, what are you focused on? I am talking about physical transition, moving, changing the place of living, traveling to a different location, or even to a different culture. As much as it is exciting it can be so stressful too. What are you thinking at this time? Is your head buzzing with the thoughts about deadlines, packing, boxing, suitcases, projects, meals, work? Sure, it is. You have lots of things to take care of. And this is just right and how it should be for people like you. Such an exciting time! Life is never dull for those who move, changing the location; for world travelers.…

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    Love Yourself To Love Your Child

    The beginning of the school year is just in a few weeks and I get stressed already. The heavy feeling of overwhelm started to deter my attention from enjoying the warmth of the summer days and coolness of the evenings; the cheerful chirping of the growing wild turkeys roaming through our yard and freshness of the memories of the recent visit to the ocean shores. Why don’t I just stay calm and content and trust that everything is fine and life is just moving on. Oh, no, this would be not my way. I must be pro-active; I must have registration packet filled in and be the first on that…

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    How does it make you feel?

    I had a coaching session today with a lady from England. We talked about just general stuff and she constantly would ask me “How do you want to feel?” or “How does this make you feel?” I am still learning to think by this “feeling” category. I have learnt to do, act, set goals, meet deadlines, achieve. I did not learn to think about how I feel. I found, that nothing that I achieve, makes me feel good, or it makes me feel good for a little bit and then I have more dead lines to meet and goals to accomplish, which are often not about me feeling good. It…