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    Your Creativity is Your Calling

    Creativity adds a sense of hope and possibility to anything you choose to do. While traveling the world I meet many people who have to do the same thing again and again – pack their stuff, move to the hotel, hop on the airplane, move to the new home and try to settle in just for a while with the vision that in a year or two, they will have to do this all over again. While this lifestyle can be exciting and rejuvenating, eventually you start thinking “Is this what I am going to do forever?” “Does this make me feel happy any more, content, fulfilled?” Living in the…

  • Work Overseas

    To Work or Not To Work

    When you come to a foreign country finding a job might be a challenging task. It all depends on many factors. If you are considering working in your new country, you might also consider why you want to do that. It is one thing when you already have a job that requires you to move overseas. It is a completely different situation when you come to a new country and you decide to find a job there. When in a foreign environment we want jobs for many reasons: make money; create new connections, learn about the culture; feel fulfilled; gain international corporate experience; apply your knowledge; help others; expand and…