Focus on the Golden Light of Dew on the Grass
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Choice of My Focus

“It’s no use going back to yesterday because I was a different person then.” — “Alice in Wonderland”

Rather, what do I choose to focus upon?

Shutdown, lockout, challenging times, unprecedented period, fear, uncertainty, frustration, chaos. I read and hear this a lot when I turn on the TV or log into my e-mail account. Since during this quarantine I can afford reading more, learning more, connecting more, I use this opportunity to read the newsletters and connect with my world travelers online.

I opened my Facebook and e-mail today and this overwhelming vocabulary struck me again. People seem to have a genuinely kind intention to check-in and extend their helping hand, yet they talk about fear and death toll and seem to enjoy dwelling on it sinking deeper and deeper into the abyss of nowhere, or exactly what they are focused upon: fear and death.

How does this situation make me feel? The answer is obvious and quite simple – I feel scared, anxious and uncertain. A better question for me would be, what I’d like to feel? And the answer is health, vitality, grace, and peace. The good thing is that I have a choice.

Move Is The Only Action I Take

I run. I do my 5 K distance most of the week-days. Today after checking my e-mail in the morning and having a Zoom call with my online coaches from Europe and the USA, I donned on my running shoes and windbreaker and went outside. The day is overcast and rainy, which is normal for this time of the year. A little drizzle doesn’t stop me from going on my regular jog, but today as I stepped outside and followed our driveway down the hill, the rain decided to catch up with me. In a few minutes, it started pouring. I pulled on my hood and continued running.

It is springtime and nature is taking its course waking up from the stillness of winter. The plum trees and cherry trees have already ceased to bloom. Daffodils have popped out showing off their bright yellow heads. Magnolia spread its pale pink flowers, marveling me with its calm beauty.

Accept The Constant of the Change

As I ran past the neighbor’s ranch, with my side vision I saw the horses standing under the tree hiding from the rain. They are always there in the field grazing the grass. The cows are on the other side of the road, who often just look at me turning their heads as I pass. I often think – how they can bend their necks that far because it looks like another inch and they will reach their backbones with their tongues.  They must be double-jointed those cows, even though they look bulky and awkward for some.

It kept showering, I continued running. The truck passed and I saw the driver waving hello to me. The car drove by and I waved to the woman behind the steering wheel. As usual, my neighbors are going with their days, busy with the regular work and running errands. I turned the curve, climbed the hill and went down. The black dog from the old couple’s land was coming minding his business. I know that dog. He used to be locked in the yard and as I would run past, he would always run along the fence barking frantically and jumping in the air making some funny twists, like he was trying to catch a frisbee. Today that back dog was roaming in the neighborhood exploring the area and obviously enjoying the freedom.

At the edge of cul-de-sac my old canine friend – another dog – Ziva, was lying like an Egyptian Sphynx: proud and dignified. She is a white and fluffy dog known for being a nuisance hunting the neighbors’ chickens. I never was formally introduced to these dogs, but I just assumed our friendship and appreciate them being so respectful and understanding of me running where they are doing their job guarding. I give them plenty of space while they give enough to me too.

Focus On What’s Working

Turning around and going back home I saw the mail truck stopped and the woman stretched her arm to distribute the papers to the mailboxes.  Oh, so good to see her! The mail lady is working. Nothing changed. US Post service keeps delivering the mail. Farther as I was approaching my street, I passed the set of mailboxes perched on the metal frame. Some had the red flags up. Oh, cool! People are sending letters and must be paying the bills. Everything is all right.

I finally reached the bottom of my driveway and the point where I usually stop to catch a breath under the maple tree before I walk up the hill to my house.

So, what is wrong? Why there is tension, anxiety, depressing rhetoric of collapse, recession, and whatnot? I am not trying to dismiss the gravity of the situation we are quarantining ourselves from. But I am not naïve either to believe that we could have avoided COVID-19 if we elected a different president or left China and Europe alone to deal with their problems.  With all due respect to the great minds’ analysis and prediction for our future, I also deeply believe that my world is standing strong.

Open to Receive Health, Vitality, Grace, Peace

No more of doom and gloom! I’ll listen to the facts just to be informed, but I will choose to focus my attention and my thoughts on what’s working, what is good, what brings me hope, what I can control or influence, and what is in my power to change.

The truth is that I am doing fine. We are doing well. Getting up in the morning and being present for my loved ones is exhilarating. I have time to be more mindful, calm and transcended. I notice the abundance of my world which reveals itself in the health and vitality of my loved ones; the luxury of my land; love and kindness of my family; the comfort of my home; and the vastness of connectedness with my friends around the globe.

The opportunity to shamelessly slow down or even stop to admire and enjoy the freedom of finally be me is liberating. I open my arms widely and hungrily to welcome and accept even more nourishing peaceful energy coming my way. I know I will never be the one I used to be, I will never go back to yesterday, because I am loving so much living my today, being present for now and having joyful anticipation of tomorrow.

What we are focused upon we will find the means and resources to make it a reality. My beautiful run in the rain is a vivid proof of my focus which is Health, Vitality, Grace, and Peace. Therefore I’ll keep my mind open to notice the evidence of it all.

Life is a journey of joy. Embrace it!

Tight hugs.


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