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Courage to Reach Out

Last week was very stressful for me. My husband had surgery. I dropped him at the hospital and had to leave. I’m still feeling pain thinking about that day and how everything that was happening affected me.
I’m grateful I had support. To tell the truth, I didn’t even think I had it, but at the times like this, it’s better to find the strength and courage to look for support.

Reach Out

So, what I am telling you, is:
First – I’m here for you. Reach out to me and let me know what is happening in your life.
Second – Take care of yourself. Have the tools ready on stand-by so you know what to do, what to grab, where to go when the times become challenging.
That morning, my friend in Ukraine send me a note: “How are you?”
I responded, “I’m, OK, getting ready to take my husband to the hospital.”
She texted “Everything will be fine!”
I thought, she doesn’t know and I’m not going to complain and pour my heart out to her. So, I just jotted back. “Everything will be fine. I’ll pray and take my Nerve Eight. This is already a routine”
It’s true. When times get tough, we often find ourselves left to ourselves. What do we do? Please, do reach out to people.

Simple Words of Support

I am not the person to reach out to people and complain to them about how difficult my situation is. But I am grateful I managed to share with some people, what I was struggling with. I didn’t tell much, I was just giving up-dates about the course of that day. My voice trembled, my eyes welled, my chest burned, but sharing helped me. My neighbors’ words helped. Simple words: “We pray. We love you. Tell him we love him. We want him to be better.” Those words kept me grounded, their presence allowed me to see the magnificent world around me and know that I’m part of it.

Back-Up Tools

I prayed. I drank my tea. I went running with my dog. I kept myself busy around the house. I took our son to the football practice. All that kept me stay focused and composed.
I’m grateful I had the energy for that. My body supported me and I could live through this challenge with a clear mind.
Did I mention Nerve Eight? Yes. I support my nervous system by taking this herbal supplement. And I have to admit without praying and Nerve Eight, I wouldn’t have been able to reach out to people and receive the grounding energy of support and prayer from them.

Calming My Nerves

Nerve Eight – is my favorite product. I started using it to keep my nerves calm and continue using it to help me sleep better, to keep control of my thinking, to be more present for my loved ones, and to of course nourish my body with clean, potent, and reliable ingredients. Besides those benefits of Nerve Eight, I recently found out that it also has anti-inflammatory properties due to the White Willow bark in this product.
So use it and feel healthy!!!
Reach out, I’m here for you.

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