Frequently Asked Questions

I feel so excited about my international move. What could dampen my enthusiasm?

Congratulations on your new opportunity to travel and experience other cultures and societies!!! I wish you maintained this feeling as long as you can. Stay focused on the opportunities which await for you; plan your life in a new place; learn about your new home country; take one day at a time, and take good care of yourself and your family.

I am overwhelmed with so many things to do in connection with our move. I feel I have to do everything by myself.

Moving can become overwhelming and frustrating quickly. Keep a list of priorities. Ask for help. Everybody goes through the same chaos. Hopefully, your company provides some assistance. If not, do what is the most important today, plan for tomorrow and write it down; have a nice dinner, and go to bed on time.

I have been in this city for three months already and I feel like I have seen enough and done everything.

You are getting to the point when your “vacation” mood is wearing out. It is time to start thinking that this is going to be your home now. What does home mean to you? What would you want it to look like? Remember, it is not the same anymore, but you can create a feeling of home, where you can be safe and relaxed.

My family is away, my friends do not respond to my messages as soon as they used to. I feel isolated.

Can any of your friends or family come to visit you? This could be an opportunity to catch up and have a great time. You can plan their visits and explore more of your new life. They haven’t forgotten you. Your life has changed, but theirs hasn’t in the way yours has.  Everybody is moving on with their lives, while you are to do the same. It might hurt, but “out of sight, out of mind” rings the bell here. What is on your list today? What are your interests? What would you like and can do at this moment?

I am out of sync and I’m losing control of my life.

You are not alone. Think about what you love to do. Go to the gym, volunteer at your kids’ school, plan your shopping, and your healthy life. Start looking for connections with other people. You need to build your normal life in a new place. Take pride in what you have already achieved and celebrate every step of your experience. You are doing great!

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Hope to hear from you shortly.

Meanwhile, take good care of yourself and your loved ones.