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Home for a Change

Alla took a long awaiting trip to Minsk the capital of Belarus last month. It was an exciting full of novelty and learning opportunity. She joined a group of other like-minded women, jumped on a long-haul express tour bus, and off they went – to a foreign country for a celebration of the 25th anniversary of Nature Sunshine products on the post-Soviet market. What a delicious treat!!!!! New city, happy people, intricately decorated dishes, inspiring music, wild dancing, lights and lots of cheer and sparkle. Two days of joy and delight!

She came back home to Ukraine and her life felt upside down. Everything around her seemed wrong. She shared with me that she felt disoriented and could not find a comfortable spot for herself in her own home. She felt like a stranger and out of sync.

Luckily this uneasy feeling didn’t last long. Alla is a private entrepreneur. Her schedule is full and her days are busy with work to do and customers to keep satisfied.  She plunged into her old routines of taking care of her home, business, and people around her. Everything became normal again.

I have been wondering what has happened? Why coming home from a trip, we find ourselves feeling not at home?

The thing is that traveling is transformative. When we go on a trip whether it is a short two-day tour to a neighboring region, or a year or two-long relocation to a new culture – we change. Our mind changes, our perspectives tweak, our vision broadens and our understanding of the world becomes richer and deeper. Often, depending on the destinations and length of our trips, we come back home a completely different person.

It is helpful to know that while we are away from home, life at home takes its course, and we are not part of it anymore. The same way – our life away from home is very much different too.

What to do?

  1. Be aware that you are a new person coming home from a trip.

This is normal. I would even recommend celebrating your being new and evolved. This is a natural phenomenon – everything changes and evolves.  It’s a wonderful change: celebrate you and the beauty of your life. Take time to adjust, savor your experiences and memories.

  1. Take care of your well-being.

There are lots of things you need to take care of when you come back home. You need to unpack, settle into your new or old routines. Make sure that you are active, eat well and have enough rest.

  1. Schedule the time-out and look at your home, place, the town with your new eyes.

The trip has enriched your life. Coming home you can look at the world around you from a different angle. Go out, roam along the familiar streets, walk in your favorite park, stop at the old café or shop.  You might notice what you haven’t seen before. Stay open and non-judgmental.  Things have changed during your absence, so did you. Notice what is good and don’t dwell on what is not.

  1. Journal what’s coming to your mind.

Journaling helps to release the tension and sort things out. Reflect on what’s good, what’s not good, how you can improve? Find a quiet place for yourself and pour your thoughts on the paper without censoring. It is just you and the paper in front of you. Let your hand just write. Just write. Who knows, this could be the beginning of your book of essays or something even more.

  1. Talk to people.

If there is somebody who would be willing to listen to you – share. Talk about your trip and experiences. If you notice that people get bored or uninterested – be understanding and compassionate. They cannot relate to what you have experienced and they have their own lives going on too. It helps to limit the interactions too and just fill your days with activities that you enjoy: clean your home, go to the gym, go shopping, cook delicious food, go for a jog, work in the garden.

  1. Listen to people.

Coming home from a trip, you realize that things have changed at home. Listen to what people are talking about, make yourself available for others. This knowledge will help you to adjust to a new life at home. Also, you are a wiser person now and you might be able to lend a helping piece of advice. Those around you will appreciate your point of view. If not, you have tried your best. Sometimes people are not ready to accept a new idea.

  1. Appreciate the lessons learned.

You are a wonderful being. You are brave to use the opportunity to travel. You opened your mind to a new perspective on old stuff. You unearthed your inspiration to spark the change. You are filled with rejuvenating energy to move on. You have got clarity and focus on what is more important in your life. You might have discovered the desire to clean your space; clear the relationships; appreciate what is.

Remember. Life is a journey of joy. Embrace it!

I would love to know how you felt coming home from your last trip? What awareness did this trip bring to you? Please, share your thoughts in the “Comments” below.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Much love.


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