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How Are You in the Time of Uncertainty?

Feeling scared, frustrated, helpless? Me too. Welcome to the “Facing the Uncertainty” tribe. How easy we get into that state as soon as the change hits us. This time it visited us fast and the icy shower of information spiraled us into the abyss of helplessness and depression.

Yes, I am talking about the virus, symptoms, quarantine and precaution measures. You – smart, educated, experienced and intelligent world travelers- all know what to do. No panic, wash your hands, cough and sneeze into the shoulder, eat garlic and vitamin C, drink hot liquids: tea and broth, wipe the surfaces with the disinfecting solutions of vinegar or regular bleach, and stay away from public places.

We take care of ourselves diligently, but does it help?

Dealing with Uncertainty

For the last two weeks, I thought I have been doing everything right. And it works. So far, so good, but I still feel scared. It seems like I am in a perpetual state of worry and concern. I feel like I do understand what is going on and I want to help and save everyone. But on the other hand, there is a painful resistance telling me to just stop and relax into the flow of this time of uncertainty and shift of consciousness.

Looking around into my immediate environment I notice no change, except that spring, is coming and nature is waking up with more sunshine, chirping birds and fragile blooms of the plum and cherry trees. This tells me that we are in our cycle of changing seasons and all is well.

Well, we are in quarantine and our choices to move around are limited. But it’s not a new experience for us – the expats. Staying in the hotels in foreign countries for months felt the same, didn’t it? So, nothing new here.

What is new then? The uncertainty of the virus’s behavior and the panic around it. We keep reiterating: “Do not panic”, yet we are looking forward to watching more news and learning about more cases of sick people. This gives us some answers, but at the same time adds more energy to worry and concern, which doesn’t help overall.

Change the focus

I have learned to go within. This premature school break is needed. Even though we had plans for the last weeks of the term, we are ok adjusting and finding things to do at home. The weather is getting warmer and we can enjoy doing some yard work.

My spring cleaning started earlier this year. I spent the whole weekend cleaning the glassware and bookshelves. It’s nice to notice a fresh sparkle on the furniture and crisp shine on the bowls.

The house plants need more attention. I am planning to give more love to my African violets this time. They might give me extra flowers this summer if I transplant them into the new soil.

Be present for your loved ones

As a family, we seem to hear each other more and stay present for each other. Being able to rely on the support and understanding of our loved ones is a blessing. Even better is to be able to share that love with each other.

For the kids having a break from schools and outside activities can be a challenge. How to entertain the kids and what can you keep them busy with? After all it’s spring and spring holidays are not canceled. How about getting ready for Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, Nawrus or whatever holiday that is coming your way: national or personal.

Support others

I finally found the local soup kitchen and managed to deliver the plastic containers, I have been collecting for several months. Now I know where I can give an extra bit of my help and support. This makes a huge difference to me.

Stay well, focus on what is working. Uncertainty will pass as you notice certainty in your life. See and welcome the wonderful things as they are flooding your way.

If doubt hits, call me or leave a comment below. Let’s talk. Stories heal and support our growth.

Life is a journey of joy. Embrace it!

Much love.


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