Keep the Spirits Bright

Dear friends and family, keep the spirits bright…

I am enjoying this Christmas season.

I love to think about all the sparkle, coziness, and sweetness of the month of December.

This year I dove into Christmas as soon as we washed the dishes from the Thanksgiving dinner. This is what brings me joy, hope, and happiness. This is what inspires me every day and supports my creative juices during the December of 2020: making Christmas ornaments; hanging up lights; watching Christmas movies with my dear ones; baking cookies and trying new recipes; ordering presents online; shopping for stocking staffers; preparing Christmas cards; packing and delivering goodies to the neighbors; sending messages and notes to the groups of friends overseas.

Oh, we got busy this year. So much fun, for sure! Jack, the Australian Shepherd joined our family in April. He quickly became one of us, consistently reminding us about his presence by following us, squeezing between us, grabbing us by the ankles, and barking and growling loudly when roughhousing with our son.

Healthwise we are ok. I seriously freaked out at the beginning of the pandemic. But we are doing well and staying positive in the face of turbulent times when Bob gets into ER with another episode of heart failure. We keep the Monster virus 19 away by taking vitamins, minerals and spending time in the sunshine.

We are thankful for our beautiful acres of land which require mowing at least once a fortnight during summertime; the happy hens, making a big mess in the pen and refusing to lay eggs during winter; and the eternal weeding of the garden. There is no notion of “a garden without weeds” in our books. Weeds survive anything, everything, and anywhere.

This fall I planted around 300 cloves of seven kinds of garlic, so we are looking forward to the rich harvest in July 2021. Thank you, Bob, for tilling the soil for me and bringing the cut grass for mulching. That tractor you drive so skillfully on the hills is certainly very helpful.

This year we registered our son with an online homeschooling academy. A lot of adjustments had to be made: learning to navigate the website; developing new routines, and the most challenging is getting into the habit of learning from home. Anton keeps making us feel proud with his resilience and wisdom as a mature teenager. He did figure it all out, staying away from anything that makes him frustrated, including keeping the wood box filled with wood for the stove. We love him to pieces… I do for sure. (mom’s inalienable right) The State Governor’s decision to cancel the sports challenged the spirit of many athletes, parents, and coaches, so we are staying strong supporting our son and all the kids who dare to say “I want to play!”

The year overall has been great! Never dull, for sure.

I’m learning to tend thoughtfully to my garden; love my home even more; love my husband for tolerating my volatile mood; forgive his grumpiness; be a compassionate and understanding mom to our son; search hard for the silver lining in the grey clouds and always find it. Often those rainy clouds reveal magnificent rainbows and we see that display of color and light as a gift and the sign that life is good.

I wish you to be courageous in making healthy choices. Remember that sunsets for us to have rest and rejuvenation and it rises for us again to give us another chance to enjoy, have fun, and be happy.

We all are sending you tight hugs and much love wherever you are in this beautiful world.

Cheers, from the South Family


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