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Loneliness During Holidays

It’s Christmas season and there is a cheerful buzz coming from everywhere. Stores have been selling Christmas presents, trees, ornaments since October. Christmas music plays everywhere. Cinnamon and nutmeg fragrances remind us about Christmas baking and cooking. People are buying gifts wrapping paper and sending cards, having parties at work. Kids are practicing Christmas songs getting ready for concerts in schools and nurseries. Christmas comes with all kinds of manifestations, which bring joy, cheer, warmth and a sense of belonging.

Loneliness During Holidays

For many expats, who are away from home, their loved ones and friends, a sense of belonging vanishes. More often we experience loneliness and isolation, especially during the seasons of holidays. This painful feeling creeps into our hearts stealthily and persistently particularly when we are trying to relax and settle into the comfort of our new homes away from home: be it a hotel room or a rented place.

While we are busy at work or doing something outside of the place, where we are supposed to feel at home, loneliness is not such a big deal. We almost don’t notice it. We are on a mission, we are focused and on task, being productive and energetic. But as soon as we have downtime, quiet moment, want to relax and enjoy – loneliness and isolation expose their ugly faces, poisoning our lives and taking our energy away, leaving us tired, sad, and helpless.

It Happens to All of Us No Matter Where We Are in the World

Loneliness visited me in my own country when I lived by myself in a rented, one-room apartment in Kyiv, Ukraine. I felt lonely and on a verge of depression when we moved to Brisbane, Australia. I did feel loneliness, especially during the holidays because my mind was somewhere far away from where I was, and I felt bad that I was not there for my friends and family to celebrate with them.  As a social being, I needed somebody to care about, to talk to, to make a present for, to celebrate with, to have a cup of tea or coffee together, to send a thank-you text message.  Yet, I didn’t see anybody around I could do this for.

Even though world-travelers are more prone to experience loneliness and isolation due to frequent relocation and change of place of living, everyone can experience these feelings no matter where you are: in your own home town or abroad, exploring the world.

It’s Your Choice to Feel Joy and Cheer

It often depends on our perceptions, understanding of our particular situations, and beliefs. We’ve nurtured this magnificent vision that every holiday must be celebrated in a crowd of friendly people with cheerful exchanges of presents and food, however, let’s face it – sometimes, we feel lonely even when we are a part of a group of like-minded happy people. This is real. You’ve got to admit this – loneliness can hit us anytime and anywhere. So, it’s not so much about who is around us. It’s about us and how we want to feel.

You can choose to feel joy and cheer, especially during the holidays when everything around you reminds about a beautiful time to celebrate. There is no need to feel lonely and hide at home with a bottle of Champagne feeling sorry for yourself, that you are abandoned or forgotten, and nobody needs you or loves you. You are loved, you are needed, you belong, and it is your job to find that feeling in your heart and feel that way.

Let me help you. Schedule a call with me and let’s have a chat.

Remember, life is a journey of joy. Embrace it!

I am looking forward to connecting with you during this joyful time and talk about how you can also spread the cheer of peace and celebration. Follow this link to schedule a complimentary call with me.

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