Love Yourself To Love Your Child

Life is GoodThe beginning of the school year is just in a few weeks and I get stressed already. The heavy feeling of overwhelm started to deter my attention from enjoying the warmth of the summer days and coolness of the evenings; the cheerful chirping of the growing wild turkeys roaming through our yard and freshness of the memories of the recent visit to the ocean shores.

Why don’t I just stay calm and content and trust that everything is fine and life is just moving on. Oh, no, this would be not my way. I must be pro-active; I must have registration packet filled in and be the first on that day in school to go through the stations and answer the questions, ask the questions, pay the tuition and sports fees; uniform must be bought and ready; school supplies must be collected and organized;  and so on and so forth, besides dinners planed and cooked, house cleaned, yard tendered and watered. Really? What else?

Don’t you recognize yourself in this swirling tornado funnel of getting ready for a new school year? I know I am not alone.

I cannot support my child to be successful until I start supporting myself to be successful.

When my son was born a dear friend of ours Fran in Australia, told me “Take care of yourself, otherwise who will take care of your son?” Such a nice reminder for this moment, twelve years later.

I need to remind myself again: nothing ever is perfect. Things get done today; tomorrow will take care of itself. I choose to take care of now.

So, now I choose to:

  1. STOP for a moment.
  2. BRING my focus to my heart.
  3. CALM DOWN and listen to my breathing.
  4. WRITE down what I choose to take care of today.
  5. ASK the Universe to take care of me and everybody around me.

My focus is on NOW. My mind is calm. I am breathing in the new vision of my day and letting the overwhelm out. I know I am supported and I am going in the right direction. I do love my child, my husband, my home. Everything is perfect as it is. I move on with the knowing that I am fine and my world is fine too. I allow myself to just stop, look around and see that everything is just the way it is. Peaceful and it is all right. My heart is filled with love energy again.

Now, I can go and cook our dinner and the rest is going to be taken care of when the divine time is ready.

Life is a journey of joy. Embrace it.

Much love.


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