Move: OMG or WOW!

I received a Marco Polo video today from my girlfriend with the “great news” as she stated. “We have to move” she announced with a sad expression on her face. And immediately after that, she noticed: “It is not something, that we cannot deal with.”

Sure, we can deal with anything in our lives. The question is how much agony and frustration or peace, composure, and ease we put into the process.

Move can turn into a drama, but it can be an exciting time also. So, what would we prefer to choose: drama or excitement?

Any change is scary. We are afraid of unknown and we start to create that monster, which lives only in our heads. Can you notice that mind talk which we automatically fall into as soon as we hear an unexpected news.

I remember clearly how I felt every time my husband would bring this “great news” home about our next move.

“Oh my God!”, “I have just settled in and now again”, “I am not ready yet,” “I cannot do it”, “So, what about…?” Oh, those “what about” questions. I lost sleep agonizing over them looking for the answers.

It was in Australia. I came to the gym. That was one of my last visits before we relocated to Turkmenistan. I had to announce that I was canceling the membership and moving out of the country. I was sad, confused, lost, but people behind the counter had a different perspective of the situation. Issuing the fine for me for not fulfilling a one-year membership agreement, they were chatting and commenting how exciting it would be to live in a different country, experience an exotic culture, how exhilarating the moving and travelling is. I thought they were insensitive and did not even want to be a bit sympathetic, until my yoga instructor reiterated the same sentiment: “So, exciting! I am happy for you.” For a moment I realized they were sincere and genuine. They saw my moving situation as an opportunity to experience something extraordinary, new, unusual. I did not accept that attitude then, but I remembered that there are always numerous other ways to see any life situation.

Now, moving to a new place, I would choose two things to remember:

  1. Benefits of the move. Choosing to feel good is good for your well-being and others.
  • Think how fortunate you are to experience this change.
  • New opportunities to learn and expand arrive.
  • You might receive attractive job benefits.
  • Enriching environment for your family appears.
  • Meeting new people and developing connections and friendships can be life changing.
  • You will be able to share your talents and gifts, you never thought you possessed.
  • You and your family might experience activities, you did not think existed.
  1. Plan your next steps as more information about your move arrives.
  • After the first bout of emotion settles down, think about what you can do next.
  • What are you in control of?
  • How can you make this process smooth for yourself and everybody involved?
  • What can you do now, today, tomorrow?
  • Ask for help.

Moving to a new town or country can be a privilege. Set your expectation to go through this process smoothly and gracefully. Your attitude defines the climate for your success. As you are clear about the positive side of the current situation, stick to it. See it as a light in the end of the tunnel. Everything else will fall in place. Be kind to yourself.

Life is a journey of joy. Embrace it.

Much love.


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