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Move On With The Garage Sale

I love moving. I do love moving on. I love the energy of moving: clearing the stuckness, letting it go and opening to the possibilities of newness.

A friend of mine called me today telling that the idea of a garage sale sounds daunting and intimidating to her. She is moving, and she needs to get rid of the stuff she has collected for years. Everybody knows how it feels and what it means: work, more work, and even more work. Shuffling and reshuffling the old stuff, discovering the old memories; reliving the joys and sorrows; rekindling the sentiments; messing up with the emotional attachments to souvenirs. While it is all dear and important to our heart, it can be something which we need to just leave in the past and move on.

I am about how we perceive and look at the situation of clearing the space. I believe moving is a wonderful opportunity to clear the space inside and outside and open to fresh, new energy of clarity and rejuvenation.

I have participated and organized the garage sale in the USA, Turkmenistan and Dubai. While it was intimidating for me to do it at the beginning I eventually looked it the garage sale as a fun time.

Here are the reasons.

  1. I see the garage sale as an enjoyable time for me and my family. In Tennessee, I organized the garage sale by myself. It inspired me to research; make a to-do list; plan the date and time; think about sorting, matching, organizing the items; scheming and arranging the furniture; labeling and pricing. I remember that early morning, when my husband and I pulled everything outside and looked at the beginning of the driveway anticipating the curious shoppers to flock the sale. None of that happened right away. But what an excitement and joy I experienced when people finally came and roamed around looking at the stuff neatly arranged on the tables. I loved making the connection with the people and have small talks. It was such a pleasure to notice and discover more of the town ways where I had lived for two years and really did not see that uniqueness, particular side of it, which was brought by people, who visited my garage sale.
  2. I like to have my house cleaned. I think spring and autumn cleanings are wonderful. One season changes the other and we move on with that change. It is all so natural to clean to create space. The trees drop the leaves so new would grow in spring. The showers wash the dust away, so clean and shiny spaces are revealed. The darkness of the night comes, so when the day awakens we awaken to the newness of it too. Cleaning my house is like cleaning my mind. I open the nooks and crannies which I forgot about or did not know even existed.  Every time I clean or move my space, I know there is more for me to enjoy and appreciate. I always savored that particular feeling of openness and freshness, when the stuff is moved out from the house and all of a sudden the features of the space become more prominent: size of the rooms; the hues of the walls; the brightness of the windows. All of a sudden, I notice that the air is fresher, and I am breathing fully again.
  3. I enjoy giving away. For me the garage sale is about getting rid of things which are wearing me out. It is not so much about making money. I would not go to the garage sale to spend a bunch of money there, therefore I don’t expect people to come to my garage sale to leave their hard-earned gold. I love the money and I love the constructive role the money plays during the garage sale. It is the energy that entices us to organize the garage sale and the shoppers to visit the event. Money energy of the garage sale is a fuel to creativity, enjoyment and fun. The idea of getting things cheap brings the shoppers to the garage sale, and I will happily meet the expectation even if I end up just giving things away. If I see the person wants it, but hesitates to buy, I would drop the price or even give it as a present. The feeling that I brightened up somebody’s day and cleared my space worth more, than packing my stuff back into the boxes.

So here is my take on the Garage Sale. Please, leave me a comment or share your experience. I would love to hear from you.

Life is a journey of joy. Embrace it.

Much love.


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