My Coaching

What is my coaching about?

My coaching is a love-based deal. I take your hand and go with you through your ups and downs, insecurities, doubts and pains until you emerge as a new you as a beautiful flower opens its magnificent petals to the morning rays of sunshine. You will allow yourself to shine brightly sharing your radiant energy with the world. 

I help world travelers find balance, stay aligned and connected; feel empowered no matter where life sends them.

What is it do I do?

I facilitate change and personal growth. I help my clients understand that we are the creators of our reality. The emotions we experience are based on our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves and the world around us. We can change our beliefs, choose how we want to feel, take the action and move on in the direction of our dreams.

During the coaching session with me:

  • we talk to discover your deeper desires and aspirations;
  • we work on a particular situation, which you are experiencing right now;
  • I help you feel more focused, energized and alive;
  • we create the action plan to streamline your steps to achieve your desire;
  • you will leave my session with greater clarity about your life;
  • you will feel confident in your ability to create the life of your dreams;
  • you will find the many ways to improve your current emotion about where-ever you are and come to a better feeling place.

I am especially interested in working with people who, due to different reasons, have to leave their home country and relocate to a foreign country for a long-term assignment or permanently.

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