• Holidays

    Keep the Spirits Bright

    Dear friends and family, keep the spirits bright… I am enjoying this Christmas season. I love to think about all the sparkle, coziness, and sweetness of the month of December. This year I dove into Christmas as soon as we washed the dishes from the Thanksgiving dinner. This is what brings me joy, hope, and happiness. This is what inspires me every day and supports my creative juices during the December of 2020: making Christmas ornaments; hanging up lights; watching Christmas movies with my dear ones; baking cookies and trying new recipes; ordering presents online; shopping for stocking staffers; preparing Christmas cards; packing and delivering goodies to the neighbors; sending…

  • First Lady's choice of Christmas in White House
    Culture and Connection

    A Cup of Tea with a First Lady

    I wish I could have a cup of tea with the First Lady of the USA Melania Trump. These are just a few topics I'd like to talk with her about: what it means for her to be a woman, create a home, be a mom. How does she adjust to living in a foreign country, becoming an American? Or what makes her happy getting up in the morning no matter what life circumstances she finds herself in or which role she has to perform.

  • Carved Stone Wall
    Coming home,  Traveling,  Well-being

    Home for a Change

    Alla took a long awaiting trip to Minsk the capital of Belarus last month. It was an exciting full of novelty and learning opportunity. She joined a group of other like-minded women, jumped on a long-haul express tour bus, and off they went – to a foreign country for a celebration of the 25th anniversary of Nature Sunshine products on the post-Soviet market. What a delicious treat!!!!! New city, happy people, intricately decorated dishes, inspiring music, wild dancing, lights and lots of cheer and sparkle. Two days of joy and delight! She came back home to Ukraine and her life felt upside down. Everything around her seemed wrong. She shared…