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Things Are Looking Good

It’s January of 2022 and you know what I feel? Things are looking good!

Yesterday, I finally got to my Coaching for World Travelers. It’s been a while since I looked at my blog to update the plugins. A lot has happened during these several months and I don’t really want to talk about this.

Things Are Looking Good Now Because I decided So

I looked at my admin side and the warnings of outdated features flashed in my eyes. I rushed to click the buttons in a usual way and while trying to relax waiting for the spinning circles to identify success, I was flabbergasted by what I saw on the screen… Oh, no!!! Not that!!!!

The rows of signs yelled at me about the fatal error on my website.

Well, immediately I fell into that default mode – “Holy crap! What else can go wrong today? Everything was going so smoothly until just right now.” Well, I took it for granted my earlier that day graceful handling of receiving a higher than usual electricity bill and the notice about almost a 1000-dollar bill for the gas. I cried with my sister learning about the events in Kazakhstan and was sickened over the events in Ukraine. I handled the news calmly and peacefully, even though I experienced tightening in my throat and pain in the stomach. But a crashed website was the punch in my chest.

I Need to Pause

Switching the topic doesn’t solve the problem, but it helps to change the mood. I’ll think about this later, better tomorrow. What would I rather pay attention to? How do I want to feel? Moving in the direction to the satisfaction or at least content – this is what I need right now. I’d rather be there than in misery and frustration.

Pause and refocus prevented me from falling into a state of suffocating anxiety. I still experienced it, but I handled it well with a cup of tea/gin in my hands and watching another episode of “Blue bloods”. Why not? I love the actors.

Ask for Help

The Morning of the next day was promising. The home is quiet and serene. The thick fog outside filled the valley. So beautiful. I started to think about that website. Oh, mine!!! It didn’t look good yesterday. It’s a new day and I’ll ask for help. Will I? Yes, I will. Liuda and Denis on the other side of the ocean responded right away.  “Wait, he is working”. “Well, crap again”. I cannot take advantage of people, I barely know. Besides, it’s not really their problem and for them, it’s midnight – time to cuddle with each other and go to bed. An hour later – the answer was – “Talk to the host”. “Ok, I will” I sighed and got to digging into my hosting site roaming through the thicket of the technical terms. I figured that out because I asked for help. They didn’t solve the problem for me, but they were there for me to make sure that things are looking good. I solved the problem and fixed the site because I dared to ask for help.

Next time if you think you are flabbergasted, look for things that look good, pause, and ask for help.

Talk to you later.

Much love.


Coaching for world travelers.

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  • Ljudmila

    We were happy to be there for you, dear Elena!
    We had a nice sleep that afternoon, so in the evening at about 10 p.m., I was cooking Borsch and writing some posts on my laptop about effective ways of teaching kids English while Denis was playing his computer game.
    When Your message arrived, we weren`t too busy and tired,
    Denis is Fantastic at helping people and introverted as well. That`s why all communication went through me.
    We wish you a successful year in terms of Health, finance, Inspiration, and New projects!!
    Hugs from Ukraine!!!

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