Well-being In Transition

During the transition time, what are you focused on? I am talking about physical transition, moving, changing the place of living, traveling to a different location, or even to a different culture. As much as it is exciting it can be so stressful too. What are you thinking at this time? Is your head buzzing with the thoughts about deadlines, packing, boxing, suitcases, projects, meals, work?Well-being in Transition

Sure, it is. You have lots of things to take care of. And this is just right and how it should be for people like you. Such an exciting time! Life is never dull for those who move, changing the location; for world travelers. I would like to know whether, in all this swirling vortex of life, you are enjoying what you are doing?

By the way, autumn is here, and the school is in full swing. Mornings are getting crispier; nature is changing its apparel. I want to help you shift your attention to yourself. As I get up in the morning I am full of energy and excitement about my new day. What about you?

Our well-being is as important as finding the answers to the questions, which keep us awake at night. We know, being worried is wrong, not sleeping enough is bad for our health and, eating fast food does not seem a good idea either. And of course, being stressed, and exhausted does not add to our productivity.

Let’s slow down.

By slowing down means I take time to run my 5 K distance every morning. I could certainly choose to jump up from my bed, hurry to the kitchen to start the coffee machine; and then to the bathroom to quickly brush my teeth; dress and off to work; and into the hit of the day. Instead, I choose to go jogging. It is just 30 minutes a day, but it makes me feel so much more focused and grounded, ready for the day. You don’t have to go jogging to slow down. You can take 5-10 minutes to just sit in your bed, feet on the floor, quietly savoring the sweetness of the restful night sleep. Now you are ready to move on.

Let’s have a cup of tea.

Having a cup of tea does not mean a three-course meal. In Ukraine, where I am from, we like to drink tea to relax into a nice, comfortable cozy state of contemplation and conversation. There, you might notice, when people want to reconnect, they will invite you for a cup of tea. So, accept the invitation to reconnect with yourself over a nice cup of tea. What does that you, inside of you, need?

Let’s stop today and enjoy that magic moment of the sunset.

I am looking forward to admiring that sunset. They are magnificent in our neighborhood. The moments, when I stop and notice the world around me are precious. It does not have to be in a quiet place, even in the busy, crowded metro train, we can feel the stillness of the moment of transition.

Now, let’s listen to how you feel.  Being in your well-being might feel different for everybody.  For me it is staying true to myself; engaged in the course of life around me; connected to the people I love; inspired by the beautiful future I am creating.


I am curious about what transition are you in? Job change; moving to a new state, region, country; status change; season change. And what does well-being mean to you? Please, comment below or schedule a call with me.

Life is a journey of joy. Embrace it.

Much love.


Coaching for world travelers.

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