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You’ve Lots of Energy, Honey!

The science of nutrition is the art of being in control of your health. Everyone wants to be healthy. What does it mean? For me, it is getting up in the morning and being able to enjoy my day, feeling light, inspired, and full of energy.

Yesterday, during one of my runs, I saw an old lady who came to visit her grandchildren. She’d just parked her car and was hauling the packages into the house. I waved “Hello” to her while pulling my stubborn dog to make him run ahead of me. The woman waved back, replying “You’ve lots of energy, honey!!!!”

The Energy to Live

I didn’t think much about what she had said at the moment until today. Getting up in the morning, I remembered those words. “You’ve lots of energy, honey”. They sank into me bringing up a wonderful insight. I opened my eyes and looked through the window. What I saw is life. I gazed at a beautiful magnificent world – hazy mountains in the distance, towering pine trees, rolling hills, green meadows, farm fields. Somewhere from behind the house, I noticed the rising sun gently spreading its rays over all of that abundant morning beauty telling, “Here I am. You’ve lots of energy, honey!” A deep warm feeling of appreciation filled my body, giving even more energy to get up and celebrate this day.

It means a lot to me to have lots of energy. Energy allows me to do my work, take care of my loved ones, and create the beauty around me. I work hard every day to have the energy to live and love my life.

Listening to My Body

Learning to take care of my body is a tough choice of spirit and arduous work of my physical being. For a long time, I would take my body for granted, thinking it’s ok if it hurts or if it’s telling me that something is wrong with it. I was selfish towards my body exploiting its recourses because I thought it’s selfish of me to pay attention to myself when I have to take care of others.

One day when you are in the quietness of your heart and soul, listen. Are you courageous enough to take control of your health and your energy levels? Do you really believe that doctors and medicine will help your body heal and provide you with energy? What can you do now to attend to the needs of your body so it feels well and responds to your life desires with lots of energy?

Life Choices for More Energy

Life choices make a difference in how you age and the levels of your energy. We all know that, but do we really take it in and act upon our decisions?

I no longer feel guilty for taking care of myself. My choice to exercise every day is a conscious decision and am proud of it. Work on changes in hydration and nutrition is still in process for me. But I am getting there and I know I’m on the right path. Moving along towards my health goals I can assure you that my body will respond to my efforts providing me with lots of energy to enjoy my life and share my gifts with others.

Wishing you lots of energy every day!!!

What gives you the energy to enjoy your life? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear from you.

Talk to you soon, meanwhile, remember life is a journey of joy! Embrace it!

Much love.


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